Awesomesauce Transcription. Really.

This week in the UK Transcript Solutions office we’ve been transcribing a wide range of audio, from media documentaries for the History Channel through to subtitles for virtual webcasts. The tone and content of these transcriptions are, of course, quite different. That’s what makes the job so interesting!

This got the team talking about the change in the English Language over the centuries, particularly about more recent additions to the dictionary.

Each year the Oxford English Dictionary add new words to their ever-growing collection. Whilst we can’t learn every single one of them – although this is a challenge we’d love to take on – through our transcribing services we do get to type a few hundred thousand a week.

Recently added words and phrases that we agreed we quite like included cat café – yes, a genuine thing – and wine o’clock – pass the Prosecco.

Slang terms have their uses in the English Language of course, but we’re not enthusiastic about all of them. The word awesomesauce was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in August 2015, for example. Seriously, who says that? It’s a good job that one’s never cropped up in a transcription, we might have choked on our tea.

Like the Dictionary, our online transcription services are getting with the times – have you checked out our new Audio Upload service yet?

See you there.

Rachel and the UKTS Team

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