Would You Like Some Brew-shet-a with your Ex-press-oh?

Here at UK Transcript Solutions Ltd, we were pondering the tendency for particular words to be mispronounced after overhearing a gentleman on the train pronounce espresso as ex-presso. I resisted poking him on the shoulder because he was bigger than me and his individuality should be respected. Indeed, here at UKTS we support all language variations and we can promise to bring out the best in everyone (but we’ll correct you if you want us to).

A poll carried out last year by St Pancras Station in London (whose management was tired of hearing the establishment referred to as St Pancreas Station) revealed the most commonly pronounced words:

  • Prescription – should be pre-scrip-shun rather than per-scrip-shun
  • Bruschetta – perhaps one has to be Italian to pronounce it brew-sket-a as opposed to brew-shet-a?
  • Greenwich – who pronounces it green-witch rather than gren-itch? Be honest!

The study also showed that 41% of those questioned admitted to correcting mispronunciation mid-conversation.

We should cut ourselves some slack though, considering that there are 171,476 words in common use, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (although that figure is changing all the time).

Meanwhile, getting back to St Pancras, a whopping 33% of those questioned mispronounced the name of the station as an organ of the body! Management have resigned themselves to this anomaly, admitting that with its four syllables, St Pancreas is much easier to pronounce than St Pancras.

So all in all, don’t let all this worry you. When it comes to transcribing your interviews, we’ll work out any mispronunciations and make sure to leave you with a clear and readable transcript.

Best wishes,

Rachel and the Team at UK Transcript Solutions Ltd

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