No, not a cat. A chat.

Here at UK Transcript Solutions, we often transcribe speakers for whom English is a second language. Sometimes the accents can be a little tricky to make out, but once a transcriber gets used to a voice, they generally start finding it easier to pick up the little nuances.
Whatever the accent, we always ask clients whether they’d like us to correct the English and/or the grammar in their audio. This can be a tricky balance; a perfect flow of English is the ideal when editing a letter, a business plan, or a dissertation. But for a transcript – particularly a research interview that the client will need to analyse – over-editing could take away the tone or meaning of the speaker, and that could ruin a set of data.
For example, if your interviewee says “I ain’t never done nothing like that”, you may want that changed to the more formal “I’ve never done anything like that”, to make the transcript easier to read.
However, imposing correct grammar on a speaker can risk losing their tone and personality, which might be exactly what you’re looking to record. In that case, we’d be happy to leave it in its original form.
Here at UKTS we always have a good chat with clients to make sure we’re achieving the right balance for every individual. Give us a call on 023 9300 2309 or email us at and we’ll have that chat now!
Best wishes,
Rachel and the UKTS Ltd Team

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