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About Speedy Transcripts

Speedy Transcripts are a small, UK-based company run and staffed by highly experienced and professional full-time transcribers.

We can be contacted at

At Speedy Transcripts your audio is transcribed twice. First, we get the words on the page. Then, your work is listened to again to ensure that your project is absolutely accurate and formatted to your exact instructions. We’ve found this model produces great results, as a second pair of ears and eyes can often pick up minor typos and inaudible parts that one person can easily miss.

We believe in making the client experience as painless as possible. That’s why we offer a simple, flat-rate pricing model with easy online ordering, secure online file upload, and a choice of payment methods.

Yes! All of our transcribers have English as a first language and are proficient in transcribing all UK dialects as well as clearly spoken English from non-UK speakers.

Yes! All of our transcribers and proofreaders are qualified and highly experienced – we won’t let your work out of our sight until we’re absolutely confident it’s of the highest quality.

Order Process


Once we receive your info, we’ll check the audio against your order and contact you within 24 hours (usually much sooner) to confirm your quote and delivery date, and to arrange a payment.  You are under no obligation to complete your order with us until terms and conditions have been accepted and payment has been made.

We suggest using to transfer files. We accept most audio and video formats, at a maximum size of 2GB per file.  If you prefer, you are welcome to send your files on a CD or memory stick via a signed-for postal service.  If your video(s) are currently situated on your website or a site such as YouTube, just send us the URL link(s).

Available payment methods are: Credit/Debit card payments; Direct Bank Transfer; and PayPal.

Once we’ve received your order/enquiry and audio or video file(s), we’ll check through the details and email you to confirm your quote and delivery date.  As soon as you’re ready to place your order, we’ll email you an invoice including full details of our payment methods and a link to our secure Payments Page.

Payment in full is required before we begin transcription of your project. Regular clients may be offered a monthly account, please enquire.

Sure, they’re right HERE.


We offer transcription of clear audio and video files (English language only).

We only accept clear audio files with 1-3 speakers. We provide an ‘edited’ transcription service, i.e. with all the ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and non-verbal noises/stutters, etc. removed.

Unclear audio may include:

Excessive background noise;

Heavy accents;

Distortion e.g. from a phone line.

If your audio is unclear, we may be able to recommend another service, although the cost is likely to be higher.

Our minimum order quantity for transcription only is 20 minutes of audio or video (total order). Our minimum for transcription & subtitling is 3 minutes.  If your project is smaller than this, we’d be happy to accept your order but will charge for the minimum minutes.  If you’re sending us more than one audio or video file, we charge for the total number of minutes – so if you have ten files with five minutes of audio on each, we’ll charge for 50 minutes, which is above the minimum order.

We’re always happy to take on large projects, and we don’t have a maximum order quantity.  Bear in mind that larger projects will have a longer delivery time, although we’re always happy to split your project and deliver it in ‘batches’.  We’ll contact you on receipt of your order or enquiry to confirm an expected delivery date.

This is variable, depending on the size of your project and our current workload.  We’ll always ask you if you have a deadline, and we’ll aim to meet that. We’ll always let you know a delivery date when we quote for your project, before you commit. Turnaround of your project will begin on completion of your order and payment.



This format removes the ‘ums’ and ‘ers’, repeated words, stutters, emotions and background noises. We ensure the transcript is grammatically correct, for example changing ‘yeah, I’m gonna’ to ‘yes, I’m going to’, but we will not change anything that could alter the meaning of the words or the expression of the speaker.


We’re often asked to provide something in between an Intelligent Edit and a Full Verbatim transcript, particularly for Student Research Interviews.  Our Semi-Verbatim service takes out all the little ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and stutters; other than this the transcript remains word-for-word, even if this means the grammar is incorrect.  A semi-verbatim transcript also retains important interjections and prompts by the interviewer which can be vital to understanding the responses.


We do not currently offer a Full Verbatim service.

We provide a range of templates to suit your transcription type, e.g. Interview style, Media style, Timestamped.

The clarity of your audio recording makes a big difference to the speed and accuracy of the transcript.  At Speedy Transcripts, we only accept clear or fairly clear audio as follows:

Grade A – Extremely clear

All speakers on the audio can be heard clearly AND

There is little or no background noise AND

Speakers do not constantly speak over each other throughout AND

Accents are clear, English speaking, no heavy accents or colloquialism

Grade B – Fairly clear

Speakers can be heard clearly but sound may dip occasionally

There is some noise in the background but speakers can be heard clearly above it

One or more speaker has a non-English accent but can be clearly understood


Voices are unclear due to poor use of recording equipment or lots of background noise OR

One or more speakers have a heavy accent that is hard for a native English person to understand OR

Speakers are rushed and talk over each other throughout, making what they say very difficult to pick out

We timestamp any inaudible words or phrases in all transcripts.

The flat-rate service includes occasional timestamping.  We define ‘occasional’ as once every 1+ minutes.  So if you’d like us to add a timestamp every 1, 2 or 3 minutes, for example, or if you’d like us to section and timestamp your 30-minute transcript into ‘John’s speech [00:00:00 to 00:09:45]’, ‘Jim’s speech [00:09:50 to 00:18:30]’ and ‘Margaret’s speech [00:18:35 to 00:29:55]’, that’s no problem.  We can also add automatic line numbering to your Standard Transcript if required.

We’re also happy to provide more regular timestamping (e.g. every 30 seconds; every time a new speaker starts, etc.) – this is charged at 10p per audio minute.

Our subtitling service includes timecoded .srt and .vtt files as standard.


Client details are never disclosed to our transcriptionists or proofreaders.  All transcriptionists are bound by a confidentiality contract which includes strict procedures regarding the secure storage and deletion of clients’ files.

We use the secure and highly popular ScribeManager Transcription Workflow system for your file uploads and client account.

Each member of the Speedy Transcripts team is bound by a strict confidentiality contract.  We have many years of experience in handling potentially sensitive data including media, legal and medical transcriptions.  We handle all material with the utmost discretion.

All client information processed by Speedy Transcripts and via the ScribeManager system is handled in compliance with all UK data and privacy laws. Neither Speedy Transcripts staff nor ScribeManager staff will ever see your client details.

Audio files, video files and transcript documents will be deleted from our systems after 60 days. You should ensure that you have downloaded or kept a copy on your own system if you wish to access these after that time period.