You’ve recorded your research interviews. Now it’s time to analyse them, and to do that you’ll need a transcript of each interview.

Can’t I just keep my recordings and play through them when I need to listen to something?

That seems like a time saving idea, until you’re writing your essay/dissertation/thesis and you remember there was a great quote in one of the interviews about the necessity of phlebotomy in medicine. It’s somewhere in there amongst the 20 hours of interview recordings you’ve made… Bringing up your typed transcripts in MS Word and searching ‘phlebotomy’ with the FIND tool will get you that quote straight away and you can copy and paste it into your work from there.

If you’re coding your interviews and/or using software such as Nvivo or MaxQDa to analyse your qualitative research, you’ll find a set of transcripts equally invaluable.

Okay, I can see the advantages of a transcript. So, I’ll save myself some money and type them up myself.

You could do this, but here’s why we don’t think you should. Typing is time consuming and the continuous stop/start/pause/rewind actions you’ll need to perform whilst transcribing makes it even more so. We conducted an informal survey last year and asked clients who’d initially tried typing their own transcripts just how long it took them. The average was nine hours per hour of audio and most of them had between ten and thirty hours of audio to transcribe! That equates to several weeks’ worth of boring, monotonous typing – time you could be spending writing up your thesis or applying your brilliance elsewhere.

So, how come Speedy Transcripts can type my interviews faster?

First, we have all the equipment necessary to do a speedy, professional job. This includes play/pause transcription software; ergonomic keyboards; sound enhancing software; and professional foot pedals. Second, we have years of experience – all of our transcribers come from a background that includes typing and/or transcribing services, and all go through a rigorous application and training programme before working for us.

Yes, but will you be as accurate as I’d be if I typed my own transcripts?

We’re proud of our high levels of accuracy here at Speedy Transcripts. We have transcribers that come from medical, legal and other backgrounds. We have transcribers that live in various areas of the UK and Ireland and can pick up on many accents and dialects. And most importantly, your interview will be listened to by at least two transcribers – one to type, one to proofread/quality check.

I’m nearly convinced… Give me one more reason to use Speedy Transcripts for all my student interview transcription.

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