On placing your order with UK Transcript Solutions Ltd, whether by telephone, email or via our online enquire and/or file upload system, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:



To purchase this service, you (the Client) must agree to the following terms:

  1. The service provided by UK Transcript Solutions Ltd (the Contractor) will be: transcription of audio or video recording(s) provided by the Client into text format in accordance with the Client’s instructions and guidelines.
  2. Transfer of audio files will be via UK Transcript Solutions Ltd website’s easy uploader OR if files are larger than acceptable, via the Client’s approved choice of file transfer software or internet-based file transfer service. The Contractor will save these files on a password protected, encrypted USB Flash Drive.
  3. Transcription of the data within said audio/video file(s) will be quoted at a rate per audio minute agreed by both parties. A delivery date will also be agreed at this point. This rate will be based on the Client’s description of file length, audio quality, number of speakers and other factors.
  4. Should the quality of audio, number of minutes, or other significant factor differ from that advised by the Client, the Contractor reserves the right to amend the quotation and/or delivery date. If the Client does not wish to accept the new quotation or delivery date, then the job will be cancelled and any audio files in the possession of the Contractor will be safely deleted.
  5. Unless the Client holds an agreed account and terms with the Contractor, the Client agrees to pay the full invoice amount quoted on placement of their order, or a deposit if this has been agreed in advance. This amount is non-refundable except in the following circumstances:

5.1  The Contractor may cancel the service and refund the Client at any point if they are unable to complete the project for any reason, including but not limited to audio quality being of an unacceptable standard.

5.2  The Client may contact the Contractor within 2 hours of placing the order to request a cancellation and refund of the job. An administration fee of 20% will be retained in this circumstance. Once work has commenced on the project, the Contractor will consider a partial refund in exceptional circumstances. This is entirely at the Contractor’s discretion.


UK Transcript Solutions Ltd (the Contractor), its staff and any freelancers working for the company, agree to maintain full confidentiality in regards to any and all audio files and documentation received from and sent to the Client in relation to all transcription projects.

Furthermore, the Contractor agrees:

  1. To not disclose confidential information, including the identity of the researcher, interviewees or the content of the interviews, to other third-parties, starting from the effective date of this Agreement, including prior discussion thereof, and continuing in perpetuity.
  2. To hold in strictest confidence the identification of any individual that may be inadvertently revealed during the transcription of recorded interviews, or in any associated documents.
  3. To not make copies of any audio files or of the transcribed texts, unless specifically requested to do so by the Client.
  4. To store all materials related to this Contract in a secure location, and to not permit access to those files by third-parties, with the exception of any transcriptionist employed by the Contractor to whom the work is allocated. All transcriptionist(s) are required by the Contractor to sign strict NDA contracts with the company.
  5. To delete all electronic files containing documents and audio files from any USB drive, computer or backup device upon instructions to do so from the Client.